Sunday, March 3, 2013

Classy Makeup Tip: No Mess Smokey eyes!

As a professional makeup artist, when it comes to smokey eyes time after time I see almost as much smoke under the eye as on the lid. Making the poor girl look as if she has already been out all night before she stepped out of her bathroom. NOT CLASSY!!  Well when it comes to a clean looking smokey eye, you need to take precaution. I saw this advice on Oprah once... and I believe Kevin Aucoin had this same advice as well.

Apply loose powder under the eye over your foundation and concealer to protect it. When your done smoldering your eyes.. swish the dirty powder away with a fan brush. My question is how many of us actually have a fan brush in our makeup bag? Heck I'm a makeup artist and I dont even have one in my personal makeup bag.

 It definitely works getting the excess powder off, BUT if your like me and have lovely lines under your eyes, 9 times out of 10 that excess powder over-sets your concealer and then its cakey. While I don't entirely disagree with this method, (great for Halloween).

I like my method much better.

It's so genius, you will not believe it!

DO YOUR EYES FIRST!! Yes girls before foundation, before concealer, before anything. This way you can blend vigorously, go on.. make messes.. smudge away. When your done with your eyes, use a makeup wipe to clean the excess shadow you don't want all over your face, (no black freckles please) THEN apply your foundation and concealer. It makes for a beautiful finished face.

No foundation under the eyeshadow 8 times out of 10 it will crease and seperate, use an eyeshadow base, like I recommend here.

Keep in mind it can be hard to judge how much or how little shadow to use, the first few times you may think you need more because you don't have that smooth skin palette in front of you. I never let the girl in my chair see their eyes before I've put foundation and concealer on, they cant see past the discoloration and pimples, but trust me grasshopper... Once you figure this out, your ways will be changed forever....

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