Thursday, January 17, 2013

What to do with those Baby Shoes?

So there is a huge gap between my youngest and my middle child.  And photography has changed so much in the last decade.  I just couldnt bring myself to go to the department store photographer I took my first two babies two the first time around.  I even stopped hanging their cute baby pictures in my home for all the world to see.  

Then I decided I would take them and have some custom mats made to crop out all the dropsheet backgrounds and such.  They cost me $6.00 each at Hobby Lobby, a bit more than I really wanted to spend but I'm happy with the results.  I reused the 10x13 photo frames from the first two and just spray painted a random 10x13 frame to match for the new addition.  Since this blog is about making do with what you got, I decided for now its just fine.  Initially the first two hung in landscape style, now they hang portrait style.

My initial thought, was to find some Letter Hooks (ha ha pun intended) but then I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby for .62 cents each, SCORE.  Then I purchased wooden letters at .77 cents for 4. then painted them.  I did have to spray-paint the hardware on the knobs since I'm not into rustic metals.  
Then I sewed the baby shoes to the ends of white ribbons and tied them accordingly so they hung in similar fashions.  My son's baby shoes could have hung by the laces but I opted for symmetry since the girl shoes didn't have laces.

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Laters...  MaryMaryRC