Friday, May 24, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Monogram... Classy-fi It!!

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Here is an inexpensive, simple way to deck your halls with a dollar store picture frame and 2 sheets of your favorite scrapbook paper (I've had these laying around for a few years, I dont really scrapbook).  Here are the super simple Classy-fiing steps...

Step one: Print up your favorite letter in your favorite font in a size that will fit your frame.

Step two: Cut out the letter

Step three:  Trace the letter upside down on the back of scrapbook paper.

Step four:  Cut out the letter

Step five:  Cut a contrasting scrapbook paper to fit the full frame.

Step six:  Center and glue your letter to the full frame scrapbook paper

Step seven: Put it in the frame... Your done!!

I'm sure you could get fancy and use a Cricut or a Vinyl Cutting machine, but I used a simple pair of scissors and a steady hand.  Go on and Classy-fi It!!